Through your stop on the island Saint-Honorat, I propose you to discover the delights of the Mediterranean cuisine, connecting the different flavors of the Earth and the sweetness of the Sea.

I offer dishes entirely concocted with fresh seasonal products , meat and fish, which were previously selected from our talented local market gardeners, but also to accompany each of our creations by the fabulous cuvée des Moines de Lérins Abbey.

We have everything to discover on this beautiful land monks: a land rich in history and values and also us, who are committed to making your visit to the restaurant La Tonnelle, a moment of sharing and happiness that will mark your spirits.

La Tonnelle - 1

A partager à l'apéritif

A partager à l'apéritif

Fritto misto with lemon
24 €
Zucchini Flower Tempura
19 €

6 pieces

Provençal stuffed vegetables
23 €

Les Salades et les Entrées

Les Salades et les Entrées

Tonnelle Salad
21 €

Mozzarella Smoked, entrusted tomato, fried onions, Serrano Ham, “roquette” salad, pesto sauce, aged Parmesan

“Roquette” Salad
14 €

sliced mushrooms and aged Parmesan

Beef carpaccio
24 €

pesto, capers, parmesan, olive oil

Asian Salad with shrimps
23 €

Peanuts, soy been shoot, fried onion, vegetables, sesame oil

Burrrata mozzarella and tomatoes
22 €

pesto, Focaccina